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Be A Better Sex Receiver By Following These Tips

Receiving during sex is one of the key aspects of healthy and satisfying sex life. We are constantly getting tips on how to give pleasure to your partner or how to give pleasure to yourself, but receiving is also very important. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t really know how to receive.

So, we are here to give you a couple of tips as to how you can be a better receiver during sex;


On the other hand, this is easier said than done and a lot of us do not relax and usually tense up a lot of our muscles when it’s our time to receive. No matter what position you’re in, really take the time to making all of your body to relax and breathe. We are so busy and stressed nowadays. Taking the time to actually breathe deep can help a lot in improving our sexual health and performing at our best in the bedroom.

Stay Present

This is something that is kind of hard for us to do. But staying present in the moment helps us to connect deeper in our bodies as well as have a deeper intimacy with our partner. Don’t think about all the chores that you haven’t targeted yet. Really take the moment and realize this is an important time that you have with your partner. Feel the sensations that are going in your body and erase all the responsibilities that you have.

Be Open And Honest

A lot of us, women and some men experience when we are receiving pleasure is the fact that there is this assumed goal, the goal that has been set every single time we have sex and that is to orgasm. When you’re receiving, you want to make sure you orgasm because if not, your partner won’t be happy – that can be so detrimental to your sex life. One way to target this is by being open and honest with your partner. You have to constantly remind yourself that there’s no end goal to it and you really want to take the pleasure for what it is.

Enjoy The Moment

Really enjoying all the other types of sensations and simulations might help you stay in the present as well. Forget about that end goal for the meantime and just enjoy the moment you have with your lover. It will make your sex life a lot more pleasurable.

Worry Less

A lot of us worry that we have X amount of time to be receiving. If we’ve been receiving pleasure for a lot longer, we feel guilty about it. Again, thinking about all these things and all these regulations to you sex life are nothing but detrimental to it. Take a break, communicate and know that when it’s your time to receive, really take that time and enjoy it. When you are giving pleasure to someone, you’re not constantly looking at the stopwatch, but you are allowing them to feel the pleasure. Switch your mindset and worry less about how much time you get or to spend receiving.


When we are receiving sex, we have this idea in our head that it’s bad if you guide someone or communicate with your partner about what they should do or should not do. Even if you feel unsatisfied, you just choose to stay quiet and waste all your time. Communicating and having open line of communication with your partner while you’re having sex is going to do nothing but improve your relationship.

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