The rise of amateur porn videos – Is everyone becoming an adult star?

An amateur is described as a person who engages in something without payment. Obviously, money is not the factor behind amateur sex videos. At least not for most people who take part in it. Based on the high number of amateur porn videos found online today, multitudes of people are doing it. So the question of why there are so many homemade porno films available online for free, has to be addressed. Does it mean that these individuals are looking to become porn stars? What exactly is the motivating factor pushing them to do so? That question and the answer, along with many others, depends on whom you ask.

Last year, one of the top adult sites in the world, had a record number of videos uploaded to their site. Pornhub, which receives about 82 million visitors a day, is the page being referred to. Their site had more than 4 million hours of hardcore porn videos uploaded by users. Many of them were homemade porno videos or made by amateurs. To think that these people did this to become adult stars is unlikely. At least not when it refers to most of them. Instead, there are several different factors driving the high amount of non-professional porn online.

The first element behind all of it has to do the high number of mobile devices available. Today, almost everyone has a Smartphone, tablet or other device capable of recording video. In addition, these gadgets can capture it at very high quality. The proliferation of these devices, allows anyone to record themselves. Not only that, they can record others as well. From anywhere in the world that they are in or whatever time. All of these things combine to make any recording gadget, a portable camera.

Additionally, the person holding the instrument, becomes sort of a film producer in his own right. They can capture people performing sex acts of any kind. Often, these individuals record themselves fucking, sucking and doing all kinds of freaky things. If that wasn’t enough, you also have webcams and regular cameras. They also allow anyone to perform and showcase themselves to an audience. It is one of the ways millions of individuals have sex online. Whether it is via video, virtual reality sex or other means.

History has taught us that individuals tend to follow trends and what others are doing. All it takes is one person to do something the first time, to get it all started. Yet once something becomes popular, fashionable and acceptable, others follow. Such is the case of what is happening with amateur sex videos. For decades, there were always people who enjoyed having sex in front of others. You also had those who love attention and even crave it. The problem was that these people really had no platform to showcase themselves on. Those that were available, were not well-known or visited by many. That’s where adult sites came into play.

Porn sites allowed and encouraged people to upload their homemade sex tapes. Any amateur porn videos would do. Most sites have no limit or restrictions on what a person can upload and share. The result turned out to be an explosion of non-professional porn movies. Trillions of individuals took it upon themselves to share their sexual recordings. Some wanted to show others their sexual prowess or talents. And to become amateur pornstars in their own minds.

Alternatively, some also shared their amateur porn videos out of revenge or spite. For instance, if a man or woman caught their partner being unfaithful, they would share their personal porno films with others. That concept sparked an entire following, category and websites dedicated to the premise. Revenge porn is something endless people look at each day since it is very popular. One of the reasons for being so, was because most knew or expected it to be amateurish in nature.

Although some who engage in amateur porn do so without expecting any money in return, others do not. There are tons of adult sites catering to amateurs who perform in front of the camera for others. But, unlike those who only seek internet fame, they do so to earn a living. Nonetheless, the majority of people today, simply enjoy sharing their sexual experiences with others. Several celebrities helped paved the way for amateur sex videos going mainstream. Stars such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian come to mind. All of them became more popular than ever once their private sex tapes were made public.

Once others saw that a porn video of yourself can turn you into an overnight sensation, the mass followed. It doesn’t mean that people do it expecting to be as famous as the aforementioned celebs. But, it helped make it acceptable in a way. No matter what reason a person may have for sharing their private homemade porn movies, they have the option. That alone is something which leads to more amateur sex videos becoming available every hour and day. For amateur porn lovers, it’s a dream come true!